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Do you want to know which foreign market currently holds the most potential for your internationalization?

As a Senior Temporary Export Manager certified under "EXIM" UNI 11823:2021, I handle this every day. Feel free to ask me about it.

Alberto Scanziani

Exportconsultant: Key Projects for Business Development of Industrial SMEs

Project 1


Researching and acquiring direct clients in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) for SMEs in mechanical subcontracting: precision machining workshops for third-party manufacturing and metalworking shops.

Project 2


Researching and acquiring direct clients in France and Germany for companies in the rubber and plastics industry: mold makers, plastic/rubber transformation, and manufacturers of injection and compression machines.

Project 3


Market Development for the Automotive Sector in Italy for the Plastic Supply Chain

Project 4


Researching agents and building an extra-EU sales network, as well as finding new clients in the machinery sector for steel industry applications, including seamless and welded tube finishing, long and flat steel products.

Project 5


Developing the European naval market (ship owners, ship management) in the field of electromechanical components - retrofitting MV-LV power switches, revamping control panels.

Project 6


Developing the MENA (Middle East, North Africa) region for forged products targeting the construction market.

Project 7


Developing Eastern European countries for industrial aluminum goods in the construction sector.

Project 8


Developing European Union and Eastern European countries for the plastic molds and die-casting sector.

Project 9


Projects for the reorganization of commercial offices: roles and objectives, customer management, agent and distributor management, follow-up on commercial negotiations.

Project 10


Many training projects aimed at commercial resources within industrial SMEs to enhance their Business Development skills and ability to acquire new customers.


The number one mistake in export is choosing the wrong markets. Use the #errorfreeExport method

If you're not experienced, understanding which foreign market to target can take several months of work, extensive research, and ineffective attempts, not to mention time and money.

That's why I've decided to leverage my twenty years of commercial experience by offering Temporary Export Manager services to artisanal and industrial SMEs. These services aim to seize the best opportunities presented by thriving foreign markets where they can best showcase their value. It's an export strategy tailored to needs and results, with a mentoring approach through Export Consulting or preferably as a Temporary Export Manager. Typically, I engage weekly in-person or remotely for a minimum duration of six to nine months to achieve measurable outcomes.

Entrepreneurs also seek my assistance in enhancing sales performance by imparting modern tools of Export Marketing, Digital Marketing for Export, and Business Development to their commercial teams.

My errorfreeExport method begins with building the company's reputation and effectively communicating its ability to meet client needs. The goal is to establish a commercial network (if part of the business model) and acquire new clients in markets experiencing growth during the engagement period, thereby avoiding wasting time in stagnant markets.

Alberto Scanziani
errorfreeExport METHOD


The internationalization activity is aimed at SMEs that have historically established themselves in the domestic market and have never sought or needed to expand abroad. To facilitate this, I offer an accompanying service designed to create the minimum conditions for effective operation and to identify foreign markets that best match the company's actual capabilities.


The outcome of this activity involves assessing the required human resources and investments, as well as selecting two or three foreign countries suitable for an initial business development action.

Advanced business development in Italy and abroad.

This activity is aimed at companies already present in certain foreign markets and looking to further expand or strengthen their presence abroad. It focuses on analyzing and selecting markets with the highest potential where the company's offerings can achieve greater competitiveness and market penetration.


The activity includes both geographical expansion into new markets and diversification into new product sectors not previously considered.


The main outcome of this activity is to acquire new clients and select distributors and commercial partners.


The development of a commercial Business Plan establishes a precise course of action and prevents trial-and-error approaches. It involves defining the value proposition and differentiation from competitors, profiling target customers, selecting the most suitable markets currently, estimating market space relative to competitors, choosing the commercial approach (direct, indirect, e-commerce, etc.), crafting a marketing plan, setting sales objectives, outlining the sales strategy, and evaluating the human and material resources needed for the purpose.



Many companies wish to assess the effectiveness of their commercial actions by starting with their internal resources and existing sales network. In such cases, it is necessary to evaluate the motivation, capacity, and objectives assigned to the personnel.

The outcome of this activity involves redefining roles to avoid improvisation and overlap, assessing gaps, organizing daily work, and formulating objectives that can best guide the commercial actions of the assigned resources.


My previous experience as Commercial & Marketing Director enables me to take on Executive Management roles in overseeing commercial offices. This role demands high engagement and strong delegation, functioning more as temporary management rather than external consultancy.


The outcome of this activity involves defining global commercial development strategies and coordinating both internal and external commercial resources. It includes setting sales objectives and planning the necessary actions to achieve them.


Export marketing aims to identify the potential of target markets and address them effectively with appropriate tools for a successful strategy, taking into account the primary competition.


The outcome of this activity involves the ability to convey authority and trust, positioning oneself as a credible alternative to established players through compelling content and relevant communication channels.


Export consultancy and Temporary Export Manager services for industrial SMEs.

My previous 20-year experience in foreign markets and my current export consulting activities largely focus on the EMEA region – Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Due to linguistic and cultural reasons, I am also proficient in Latin America and North America.

My areas of specialization primarily include manufacturing sectors such as Mechanical Engineering (including subcontracting), Rubber & Plastics, Machinery & Equipment, Steel Industry, Oil & Gas, Power Transmission, Construction, and the Electrical sector. More broadly, these are industrial sectors involved in the production of high-tech goods.

Rubber & Plastics
Rubber and Plastic Industry

Since 2010, I have been involved in the plastics industry, initially focusing on components and standards for mold construction (both plastic and aluminum die-casting), and subsequently expanding into molds and injection molding of plastics and rubber for various sectors including automotive, appliances, automation, and electrical/electronic industries.

Industrial machinery
Industrial machinery

I have been involved in the international business development of earthmoving machinery, construction equipment, and custom or serial production machinery for the graphics and printing industries.

Contract manufacturing
Mechanics and Contract manufacturing

Since 2012, I have been supporting the industrial companies involved in precision mechanical machining, light, medium, and heavy metal fabrication, and the construction of equipment for industry, such as pressure vessels and mechanical parts/assemblies for machinery.

Steel Industry
Steel industry

I have worked as a Temporary Manager for an extended period with a machinery manufacturer in the steel industry, focusing on establishing an extra-EU sales network and promoting their brand through digital marketing initiatives.

Power transmission
Power transmission

Since 2006, I have been involved in hydraulic and pneumatic components for hydraulic systems, used in hydraulic power units (HPU), industrial filtration, and heat exchange, primarily within machinery and construction equipment manufacturing.

Energy, Oil & gas
Energy, Oil & Gas

The approach to this sector originated from the field of manufacturing equipment for the process industry (ASME U Stamp pressure vessels, filtration systems), targeting engineering firms, trading companies, and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) companies.

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Discover how I operate to develop the international business of industrial SMEs.

That's why I can manage your internationalization process effectively

A member of your team, not just a consultant.

Alberto Scanziani

Born in 1965, I graduated in Engineering in 1990 from the Politecnico di Milano and currently reside in Bergamo.

For several years, I served as the Commercial and Marketing Director for industrial companies, and I consider myself a business professional, capable of knowing, understanding, and enhancing companies, and promoting them in the global market.

I am certified as an EXIM Manager - an expert manager in import/export and internationalization processes according to the UNI 11823:2021 standard.

Today, I provide services as a Temporary Export Manager and offer internationalization pathways, helping entrepreneurs overcome the daily challenges they face in their commercial development efforts. I work alongside them to minimize internal company impediments and obstacles in both established and new markets.

Moreover, training aimed at commercial resources and education in export best practices is an effective tool to increase a company's market effectiveness. I speak fluent English, French, and Spanish, and can communicate in German.

I offer companies Management Consulting Services for Internationalization and also operate as a Temporary Export Manager, assuming managerial or highly operational roles as needed. This is always within the context of business development, understood as a mix of commercial action and building a strong reputation in the global market.

As a Temporary Manager, I also perform functions as a Commercial Director, reorganizing commercial offices and establishing sales roles and objectives.

In my free time, I enjoy professional networking, which is why I am a member of several networks related to internationalization. My network can also be at your service.

Eventually, I am a member of Manager and Professional Associations such as Leading Network and UNIEXPORTMANAGER, leveraging important synergies with colleagues to benefit client companies.

Alberto Scanziani Exportconsultant


Do you want to discover in which areas of the world you can successfully export?

Check your sales model

The EXPORT CHECK-UP is a support program designed for SMEs, where I assess the effectiveness of their sales strategy, identify areas for improvement to attract new customers, remove potential obstacles to business development, and open new sales channels.

Among the key benefits are:

- Enhanced communication skills to generate genuine interest, including from international markets.

- Development of corporate value that distinguishes from competitors.

- Empirical methods to acquire new customers in various countries and sectors.

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