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On-the-job operational training for commercial resources in industrial SMEs.

Operational training through mentoring industrial SMEs' commercial resources allows addressing potential gaps using modern sales and marketing tools.

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During my activity as a Temporary Manager for business development in industrial companies, I observe a recurring need among entrepreneurs to enhance the performance of their sales teams.

Based on my experience, I can affirm that they often lack essential tools to further increase sales volume.

Here are the 10 operational areas where sales professionals can improve.

Ability to communicate externally with content tailored to generate interest and requests for proposals from potential clients; this is the foundation of lead generation, often referred to as "brand awareness."

Building and communicating a differentiated corporate value from competitors, aiming to stand out from generic industry claims and thereby rise above the background noise.

Ability to use modern digital marketing techniques to appeal to the new generation of buyers.

Using empirical methods to acquire new clients in different countries and expanding sectors;

Ability to create extensive databases of potential clients for medium to long-term use, acting as a safety reservoir in case of revenue declines; achieved through specific prospecting tools.

Optimal preparation for international trade fairs and events;

Researching and managing sales agents and intermediaries; international contract management;

Customer profiling and building trusted relationships with different types of clients through appropriate follow-up

Ability to identify and penetrate high-growth potential markets.

Management of professional social media, both as a company showcase and as a business development tool.

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Discover how I operate to develop international business for industrial SMEs.

Alberto Scanziani - Export Consultant and Temporary Export Manager

My approach involves conducting a needs assessment check-up, followed by mentoring or coaching commercial resources while they perform their daily tasks. This is tailored to the specific industry sector of the company, focusing on practical rather than traditional classroom-based academic training.


Mentoring can be conducted either in-person or remotely, depending on logistics and specific needs. It may encompass any of the previously mentioned points or other areas as required, based on the needs and expectations of the commercial resources.

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Foreign markets are constantly evolving: to succeed, you need to leverage experience, timing, and real-time knowledge of the best opportunities. Ask me how.

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